Early Registration Ticket Opportunity Ends In...
Early Registration Ticket Opportunity Ends In...
CRYSTAL CITY, VA  JULY 20-22, 2018
High Ticket Client Acquisition & Offer Creation Training
Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!
Exclusive 3 Day VIP Training Reveals
...Even If You’re A Newbie Nobody's Ever Heard Of...
Dear Consultant, Coach, Business Owner...
My name is Vicki Irvin and I’m hosting a special engagement VIP event where I’m going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step, how to create your very own High-Ticket Offer that will attract your DREAM clients. The kind of offer that your prospective clients CAN’T say no to. The kind of offer you WON’T have to “sell”. The kind of offer worth at LEAST $3k-$10k or MORE per client. The kind of offer your prospect will BEG YOU FOR long before you ever start to “pitch” it.
Before I go into detail about who this training event is for, who it’s definitely NOT for, and what you can expect.... There are TWO critical pieces of business we both need to get out of the way...
  • Why on earth should you listen to me?
  •  The 2 BIGGEST problems you face as a consultant right now
So let’s get this out of the way so we can get onto the GOOD STUFF. The FUN STUFF!
Over the last 10+ years I’ve coached over 2,330 business owners. Showing them step-by-step how grow their businesses FAST and make that growth BUILT TO LAST.
At the center of all their success is my “High - Ticket Offer System”. A system I designed so that clients are not only willing, but THRILLED to pay $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and even $15,000 or more UP FRONT for the services YOU provide. Without this kind of offer, business owners end up feeling like they “work HARD” yet they don’t get the “RETURN” on that hard work they feel they deserve. Business just becomes an exhausting monotonous treadmill. Business owners who feel this way are right. They are working way harder for far less than they deserve. Why? Simple. They don’t have a “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer” that their clients just can’t say no to.
The 2 Biggest Problems You Face
As A Consultant, Coach Or Business Owner Right Now
If you’re anything like most of the consultants, coaches and business owners who come to me for advice... the ones who feel like they’re working VERY hard and not getting what they truly deserve out of it.... Then you likely have one of these problems holding you back right now...
1. You Wish You Had A “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer” Your Prospective Clients Can’t Say No To.... But you have NO IDEA where to begin or how to do it successfully and or efficiently.
2. You Actually HAVE A “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”... But you can’t get your prospective clients to BUY it.
I’ve been at this a long time. And the truth is while these may seem like two DIFFERENT problems, they’re actually the SAME problem in disguise. Here’s why...
The same questions, the same concerns, the same anxiety, uncertainty and distress drive both problems...
  • Maybe my price is too expensive?
  • Maybe nobody pays this much in my industry?
  • Maybe they think I’m a fraud?
  • Maybe I am not as good as I think I am?
  • Maybe they just don’t need my help?
  • Maybe I am just not a “premium pricing” kind of entrepreneur?
  • Maybe this “high-ticket” thing only works for entrepreneurs who are social media popular or have charisma?
  • Maybe I should just give up?
Doubt = Little To No Sales
Do you see the common thread here? DOUBT. Guess what? The only reason any prospective client says “no” is because of DOUBT. Your prospects already bring enough DOUBT to the table to feed an ARMY. And if you’re bringing DOUBT to the table about your OWN abilities to charge your worth as well... guess what.... You’re finished before you even get started! 
I don’t mean this in a “self-esteem” sort of way, I am sure you are confident about many other things in life. I mean it in a very, very REAL way. I get it, sales are SCARY to a lot people! But prospective clients will HAPPILY say YES to you IF.... they are CERTAIN you can do the job for them. With so many unqualified "pop up" coaches, consultants and businesses, quite frankly they are scared and confused. Do you want to know how to get them CERTAIN you can do the job?
Be CERTAIN that your “High-Ticket High-Value Offer” is...
  • Priced PERFECT (Perfect = They CAN afford it and YOU deserve it)
  • Proving YOU are the BEST Person for the job
  • Proving YOU are the ONLY one who can help them
  • Proving YOUR price is a STEAL at even TRIPLE the price
And that is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do. Most importantly I’m going to show you how to do it even if...
  • You don't yet have a product or offer (no problem)
  • You swear NOBODY else in your industry charges high prices and that's just how your industry is 
  • You feel like your market is saturated and there's too much competition (such a hoax)
  • You just flat out HATE selling
  • You don't have a huge following
  • You aren't a big name or social media popular
Whatever you feel your shortcoming is that’s stopping you from either crafting a new “High-Ticket” offer or succeeding with the one you already have.... I’m going to show you the EXACT steps to take to make a completely 100% BULLETPROOF “High-Ticket, High-Value Irresistible Offer” IN SPITE OF ALL YOUR SHORTCOMINGS OR LIMITED BELIEFS!
Bottom line is this.... There is just ONE reason why prospective clients are not paying you 3, 4, 5, 10x what you’re asking for ... Your offer isn’t very good. When we meet on July 20th, I will not let you leave the room until we fix that. LOCK THE DOORS. NOBODY LEAVES UNTIL WE’RE DONE. AND WE’RE DONE WHEN YOUR HIGH-END, HIGH-TICKET OFFER IS COMPLETELY 100% IRRESISTIBLE.
Rave Reviews From Industry Leaders 
“Vicki is a wonderful leader and powerful coach for women who is transforming lives. Vicki Irvin is one bad sister!”
Stedman Graham
CEO, S. Graham & Associates
“We Decided To Do A Joint Venture Together That Resulted In A 1.8 Million Dollar On-Line Launch! Needless to say, Vicki is the real deal!”
Ed O’Keefe
EOK Marketing Group
“Vicki Irvin is a beast! This sister made her first million while still working her day job! She spoke at my event and everyone loved her. She is a phenomenal speaker and coach."
Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Black Women Millionaires Mentor

How Can I Be SO CERTAIN This Event Will TOTALLY
Turn Your Business Around Permanently?
Well, for starters.... I have a secret weapon and I’m bringing her with me. Rebekah Duron. Rebekah is a perfect example of the old adage “the student becomes the teacher”. Rebekah’s gone from climbing herself out of a hole to teaching high ticket sales to her clients across multiple industries. She’s gone from zero clients to TWO successful businesss over 7 figures...And that's AFTER filing for bankruptcy.
One of the reasons I say “lock the doors, nobody leaves til we get your offer just RIGHT” is because with Rebekah in the room instead of me being the ONLY one who can hold your hand through the “High-Ticket High-Value Offer” Creation Process.... There’s TWO of us.
And let’s face facts... most events don’t deliver specifics. They paint with a broad brush, they dump a bunch of general information on you and you “hope” to be able to put it all together and make it work. That’s NOT what’s happening at my “VIP High-Ticket, High-Value Offer” Event. 

Rebekah and I will be HANDS ON THE ENTIRE EVENT. The objective is NOT for you to “get the information needed to craft your own High-Ticket, High-Value Offer. The ONLY objective is for you to LEAVE THE ROOM WITH YOUR High-Ticket, High-Value Offer DONE! And I give you my word that we won’t leave until that happens for every single one of our attendees.... GUARANTEED!

After 11 years in the biz, I have a very strong pulse on what serious ladies looking to profit are craving and the type of women who THRIVE at my event. I KNOW that serious women are looking for more! 

You are most likely sick and tired of stuff like this:
  • Events full of “time filler” guest speakers with irrelevant talks pitching products and services that don’t match your needs
  • Motivational speakers pumping you up with “feel good” talk, it's so common and overdone and you probably have heard enough talks like that by now. No matter how many motivational talks you listen to about PURPOSE AND PASSION (ugh), you still will need tangible and strategic skills to profit in your biz. Trust me, learning how to profit consistently will be all the motivation you need! LOL
  • You won’t be attending an event full of "pseudo celebrities" who know nothing about marketing a business like yours, I find that a waste of time . Actors, actresses & TV celebs get booked by managers and booking agents and can't teach you a darn thing about finding clients, creating high ticket offers or Facebook advertising.
  • We will NOT focus on branding even though I know it's oh, so popular. Why? Because you can’t create a brand out of nothing, you actually need to have paying clients, proof of getting people results and something to build on first! Branding talk and rhetoric is another trap for women distracting them from making money. (Do you EVER see guys in business talking about branding? NOPE and that’s a clue!)
  • You will not just leave with a binder full of notes only to go home, lose your spark and be lost again. That is why you are IMPLEMENTING all 3 days!
The #1 Question Consultants, Coaches & Business Owners
Ask Me About Crafting High-Ticket, High-Value Offers...
“Vicki, in MY business, can I REALLY make a High-Ticket, High-Value Offer? I don't know anybody in my industry charging high prices. Maybe my business is different and it won't work for me.” If I had a nickel for every time I’m asked this question I would be filthy rich... LET’S SQUASH THIS MYTH right now...
There are no businesses that can’t make a “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer."  Want proof? 

KNOW you have seen the same clothes being sold at all the on-line clothing boutiques. Have you noticed that the boutiques who are positioned nicely charge top prices? But then you will see the exact same clothes sold for way less by another boutique and wonder WHY would anyone buy it at a higher cost? But they do all day long!

How about Starbucks. They sell a product. Everyone knows how much they pay for their coffee. Just like everyone knows how much 7-Eleven pays for their coffee. For the same cup of coffee Starbucks charges $3.14 that 7-Eleven charges .50 cents. Starbucks charges more than 6x for the SAME product. And before you say “Starbucks is better”.... They’re PERCEIVED as better because they’ve made a BETTER OFFER!!! Ask any rational human.... Will you pay 6-7x more than you need to for things you buy everyday. 100% will answer HELL NO! But millions of Americans... maybe even YOU do that very thing at Starbucks - Every. Single. Day.
If a product with a fixed and known price like coffee can be sold at a 6-7x premium price. YOUR services which have NO fixed price can be sold at a PREMIUM PRICE, provided you make a GREAT OFFER, and that’s what we’re going to craft TOGETHER when you come see me and my partner Rebekah on July 20th. The ONLY reason you think your prospective clients can’t or won’t buy at $3000, $5000, $10,000, $15,000 and up is simply because you just don’t know what offer they REALLY REALLY WANT or how to position it correctly.

The good news is I KNOW the offer YOUR prospective clients really really want. And I’m going to show you EXACTLY what it is. When you see how easy it is, and how you never have to “SELL” it.... You’ll be amazed.
Some Of The Main Things About
High-Ticket, High-Value Offers You’ll Discover...
  • How to​ stop making the mistake of comparing yourself to your colleagues​. Never design your prices around what everyone else is doing (monkey see monkey do is the fastest way to the poor house)
  • How to ​realize for YOURSELF that none of your colleagues offer the exact SAME services you offer.​ YOU as a human being offer something NOBODY can compete with.  THIS is your competitive edge. Even if you’re inexperienced, shy and not a celebrity or social media popular.
  • How to make an offer that’s worth $3K-$15K or more per client​... an offer they don't even blink at
  • The ​#1 way to get your clients to see you as THE #1 Authority in your field​ (without bragging)... even if you’re a green rookie, can’t document any past success, or even if you don’t have paying clients yet.
  • How to create a “template” for every possible offer in your business... one that no matter the topic, service, angle, etc.... You can ​just Fill-In-The-Blank and immediately hatch an irresistible, irrefutable, BULLETPROOF offer​ that commands your clients’ attention and has them wanting you to charge their card so they can get started ASAP
  • How to make absolutely certain you can OVER-DELIVER on your offer 100% of the time​... this way you never feel like you’re over-promising and under delivering, but rather you are going above and beyond
  • How to ​STRUCTURE your offer the RIGHT way​, with the least amount of resources and in the LEAST amount of time
What Will You Have IN HAND When You Arrive
Home On Monday Morning After The Event?
(​And what will happen when you see your first client?​)
When you leave Rebekah and I on ​Sunday evening you’ll have ...
  • A ​KILLER “High-Ticket, High-Value” OFFER that’s guaranteed​ to put you in position to immediately start charging $3,000-$15,0000 per client....
  • The DEEPEST ​understanding of your prospective clients and what they REALLY want and what you’re probably doing that REALLY shuts them down​. (It’s almost guaranteed that right now as you read this you have these two BACKWARDS)
  • An ​exact step-by-step High-Ticket, High-Value Offer IMPLEMENTATION BLUEPRINT​ for getting your prospective clients’ ATTENTION ==> TRUST ==> RESPECT & APPRECIATION ==> MONEY all in less time with less effort than you’ve ever spent trying to “sell” or “convince” anyone of anything.
WARNING: This is NOT Another Typical Motivational Event! 
You Will Be CREATING & IMPLEMENTING Your High Ticket Offers With Me ALL 3 Days!
I hope you are getting as excited about my 8th annual Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event (EWE) as I am. Whether you are looking for BETTER, higher paying clients, consistent profit or you are ready to move to the next level in your business, one thing is for sure... Every year I give my ALL to women looking for the knowledge to strategically drive the profits in their business.

It’s no secret that I have a reputation for “giving it to you straight.” After being a successful 6 and 7 figure entrepreneur in several industries for over 11 years, I definitely know a thing or two about business. I am NOT another business coach who shoots rhetoric, I am someone who has built lucrative businesses following proven systems, something most cannot say. What I teach, I have done and STILL do in all my businesses.

There are some harsh realities and trends out there keeping women stuck and stalled and in the “glorified” hobby phase... barely making money, doing stuff for free and chasing every new shiny object someone dangles in front of them.

Here is the deal. When you look around out there, there is a new pop up coach, consultant or entrepreneur who enters the industry without a lick of training or experience. We live is a world where everyone wants to be a business owner, but nobody wants to take the time or make the monetary investment to do it properly. That's not who I'm interested in. I have been in business long enough to know that winners value self-investment and work on making themselves an asset to the people they serve. That is how you gain longevity.

Women in particular are getting thrown into the OVERDONE world of “Purpose and Passion” motivational talk which is what we call a “soft” skill. Soft skills are great for a pick me up, but to be a PROFITABLE entrepreneur you have GOT to learn some bona-fide profit generating skills, there are no short cuts.

Profit generating skills include PROVEN ways of attracting your dream clients, and being able to create high ticket offers that people will say YES to! That is what makes you a force to be reckoned with. That is what keeps you in business full-time, and that is what makes you a valuable asset. 

Without it, you will fail or you will NEVER realize your true potential. I don’t care how great your product or service is, if you aren't charging your worth and creating high ticket offers, you will never realize your goals. Period.

The most successful entrepreneurs you see out there aren’t talking about purpose and passion all day, they are focused on profit. You never see the men talking about this stuff, they are too busy discussing conversion and sales numbers and making BIG money. 

I came up learning from some of the top male marketers in the world and so I learned early on that marketing was the key to a successful business. The men NEVER have problems promoting themselves or their businesses, yet women are too afraid to speak up. Afraid to sound like they aren’t being humble and like they are bragging.  And because of that, you shrink back and play small. You avoid putting yourself out there in a really BIG way.

Here is another reality. Most women say they got into their business because they want to help people. Well you cannot help anyone if you do not let them know you exist! If you don’t get out there and market yourself and your business then what is the point of being in business? If you feel you can genuinely help someone, then let them know you are the solution to their problem. They NEED you!

 We want women in attendance who know they are destined for greatness. Women who realize motivational and purpose/passion talk is cool in moderation, but it’s NOT paying the bills. We want women who want to wake up every day in the DRIVER seat of their business with the skills to drive and generate their own revenue. Now THAT is powerful!

I REALLY need you to understand that this is a PROFIT generating event teaching REAL strategies that we personally use to create multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses across several industries… Brick and mortar businesses, ecommerce, coaching and consulting...and not just for ourselves, but also our clients! And we will show you PROOF simply because, well, let's face it... So many people are out here lying and you don't know who and what to believe! LOL 

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, today in your business. All that matters is that you have the DESIRE to go further, do more and be more and you are ready to commit to the work and showing up. That’s the type of woman I LOVE to give my all to, and everyone knows I go above and beyond to over-deliver!

Now if you aren't ready for the REAL stuff that drives profit, no hard feelings! And if you were looking for a more "fluff" softer type of event like some of the stuff I mentioned above, that's okay too.  If you feel safer in the comfort zone and don't want to step out, I get it, change is hard, although necessary for growth. My event is not for everybody nor did I design it for everybody. 

However if you ARE ready to dig deep, profit and implement our strategies in your biz along with me guiding you for three days... then let's go get it!

cRYSTAL cITY, VA jULY 20-22 2018
Who Should ​NOT​ Attend My 
High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” Event
My event sells out every single year and I guarantee it will this year too... I only want consultants, coaches and business owners who are ready to work hard! This event won't be for you if you...
  • ...are into ANYTHING shady, unethical, illegal, etc in your business. Please, Do NOT register.
  • ...are not concerned with delivering excellent services for your clients. Please, Do NOT register.
  • ...are looking for shiny objects and quick fixes. Please, Do NOT register.
  • ...are ashamed of making money and have issues with profiting. Please, Do NOT register
  • ...are not serious about your business and you are just dabbling around . Please, Do Not register
Who Is The “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System
Event REALLY For...?
1. If you’re committed to helping your clients and willing to deliver on your promises to them, THIS event is crafted JUST. FOR. YOU.
2. If you’re willing to come to come roll up-your-sleeves with me and get REAL hard work done for you, your family, your business and your clients... THIS event is crafted JUST. FOR. YOU.
3. If you’re of high integrity and not willing to cheat your clients to make a buck... THIS event is crafted JUST. FOR. YOU.
Inexperienced? It ​doesn’t matter.
Nobody knows who you are? It ​doesn’t matter.
No paying clients yet? ​Doesn’t matter.
Hate Selling? ​Doesn’t matter.
Not outgoing or charismatic? ​Doesn’t matter.
No proof to show your clients that you can actually deliver what you’re promising? ​Doesn’t matter.
In a market that is tight and money isn’t being spent because of the economy? ​Doesn’t matter.
I Have A Personal Question For You...
★  If I sat side by side with you and personally helped you create your own “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”

★  If I looked you in the eye and personally led you through the steps needed to get $3,000 - $15,000 per client

★  If I promised not to leave the room until every last uncertainty was addressed and every question was answered

★  If I gave you 100% absolute certainty and confidence about your “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer” and YOUR ABILITY to get your prospective clients to jump on it

★  If I gave you my personal secret for quickly gaining the trust, respect and appreciation of your prospective clients so you could have it and use it as your own
If we promised each other to WORK TOGETHER to make this happen on ​July 20-22nd....
Do you think you could get just ONE new client?
If you said “yes”, then you simply cannot afford to miss this event with me. Consider this.... In spite of the fact that I could have EASILY priced your investment for this event far outside of your reach. Literally this ONE “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” I’m sharing in this event will put some of the attendees WELL into 6 figure incomes... possibly even 7 figures. The investment to attend will look SILLY next to their new income level. They’ll feel SILLY thinking back that they even gave investing in themselves to come to this event a second thought.
I have been on a personal mission to give more women the ability to charge their true worth, just like the guys do. And because of that I’m pricing the tuition investment for this event at FAR LESS than 5x below the value of just ONE client! That means that the ONE client you get on Monday before lunch even happens... makes your investment with me PROFITABLE within less than 24 hours after you arrive home. Registering RIGHT NOW and scooping up one of the last seats should be a NO BRAINER at this point.
From where I sit, you really do have a critically important ... life altering choice to make right now...
1) You can stay right where you are and keep doing exactly what you’re doing.
You can continue to work harder than you need to for less money than you deserve. You can keep grinding until nothing is left but misery, bitterness and dust. This is exactly how most entrepreneurs end up tired, cynical, negative and burnt out. You know the type. The ones you see leaving negative comments on social media posts, trying to discourage others only because they have given up. 

The ones who say things like "that won't work", "I can get that for free on Youtube",  “my business is different”, “people can’t afford it”, “people won’t pay”, “it’s not like it used to be”... etc.... That level of burn out, doubt and negativity is about ATTITUDE not APTITUDE. It’s about the attitude that stops you from getting what you’re worth. Stops you from taking a break. Robs you of the freedom to take time away with family and friends. Robs you of ALL your Freedom, Happiness and CERTAINTY. Robs you of a business that is built on a GRANITE foundation that NOTHING can hurt. 

Frankly if you’ve read this far you deserve better. You deserve more. You deserve to invest in yourself. A life of bitterness, cynicism and fear is not what I want for you.... And if you’re honest you KNOW you don’t want to become that negative, bitter person who’s got NOTHING to show for her years of grinding away and never getting what she was worth. So you CAN stay right where you are and keep doing exactly what you’re doing... OR...
2) You can come to Washington, DC on July 20-22nd and see me and my Rebekah Duron and allow me to sit with you and PERSONALLY HELP YOU step-by-step through the most transformative and important process you’ll EVER learn in your business... How to craft and implement a “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”
When we finish in DC you’ll have the EXACT RIGHT High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”. You’ll have the ability to attract the PERFECT DREAM clients that YOU want to work with. The PERFECT clients who are ready and willing to BEG you for your offer and without hesitation pay $3,000-$15,000 or more. No more getting nickel and dimed. 

No more working more for less. You’re finally going to get what you REALLY are worth. And that’s the kind of scenario that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms. Travel, take time off, invest, help others, grow your company... ALL of your dreams become possible. But it ALL starts with the RIGHT “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”
cRYSTAL cITY, VA  jULY 20-22, 2018
How Can You DOUBLE Your Income Without Increasing The Number Of New Clients You Currently Land Each Month?
Simple. Double your fees.
Problem is, this is easier said than done if you don’t have the specialized knowledge needed to craft your own High-Ticket, High-Value Offer. So that’s what this event is all about. Giving you the “super power” that is the ability to DOUBLE or TRIPLE, your income ON DEMAND.
I want to help you and give you everything you need to escape the back breaking grind of pressurized selling and under valuing the services you offer. Your clients deserve better and so do you. If you find yourself frustrated with “difficult”, “badly behaved”, “inconsiderate” clients, who are slow to action, say one thing and do another, and create FRICTION in your sales process every step of the way...
Then having a BULLETPROOF “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer” is your saving grace! It’s the one thing that changes EVERYTHING. If you want Dream Clients who trust, respect & appreciate you from word one. 

If you want clients who are 100% CERTAIN they WANT YOU and what you offer. If you want clients who simply and happily FOLLOW. YOUR. LEAD. Then simply meet me on July 20th and let me look you eye to eye, take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through my “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” and radically change your business and your life forever. It can all be yours... all you need to do is enroll and grab one of the last few seats.
At The End Of This Event...
You’ll have in your hands (and heart) a complete implementation BLUEPRINT of the most powerful “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” available ANYWHERE on planet earth. I think the best part is that you’ll learn to implement my “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” WITHOUT high pressure sales tactics, manipulative selling techniques nor anything you nor your prospective clients would find distasteful.
FACT: this system works like nothing you’ve ever tried before.... Yet not 1 in 1000 entrepreneurs use it. The competitive advantage it will give you is mind-boggling.
What You’ll Notice When You Get Home After The Event...
I developed and teach this because I agree with you 100%.... The typical “ sleazy salesman tactics” are DISGUSTING!!! And that’s why I’ve worked so hard to develop and master this system of making the foundation of your business a BULLETPROOF “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”. And it’s also why I’ve set the investment so low. So it can be EASY for you to have access to this life changing experience. 
Two things you’ll notice when you get home and implement the offer we create together...
You’ll notice that you’re of REAL HELP to the people you use it with and they will immediately see you as a trusted, respected and appreciated friend and advisor. Instead of them being the mouse and seeing you as THE CAT. They’re still the mouse but now they see you as THE CHEESE!
The second thing you’ll notice is... THEY SAY “YES!” more often. And THEY PAY FAR MORE than they ever did before. All with ZERO friction, ZERO pressure and ZERO convincing. There’s no need for you to pressure, sell or convince your prospective clients.... When because of your offer... they pressure, convince and sell THEMSELVES all on their own. You’ll pinch yourself in disbelief when you see how easy this “high-ticket high-value client getting game” can really be.
Early Registration Tickets End In...
Advance Tickets End In...
Speakers & Presenters
Vicki Irvin
 Marketing & Business Expert, Industry Influencer
After building her first company into a million dollar business in 12 months, Vicki started her next venture mentoring business owners which has quickly become one of the most sought after coaching programs for entrepreneurs. She focuses on teaching women how to have it all in Business, Beauty & Balance while living a “Superwoman Lifestyle.” 

Vicki is highly respected as an industry leader and has coached over 2,000 people on how to increase their own wealth, boost their profits and employ marketing strategies that few have been exposed to. The success of Vicki’s consulting business was built on her keen sense of marketing that keeps her events selling out in any economy.
Vicki’s success has garnered national acclaim and recognition, making her much sought after by other business-minded women wanting to learn her non-traditional marketing methods. Vicki immediately realized a need for women entrepreneurs to have like-minded mentors who could help them build their business, and she began to coach others on how to add income streams to their existing business, build their client/contact lists and establish their business online in every niche and industry imaginable.

Prior to becoming nationally known for her marketing and business prowess, Vicki had a successful career in human resources. She is a graduate of American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development. Vicki was awarded and Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from CICA University in 2015. “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy featured Vicki in his movie, “The Phenomenon”, showcasing Vicki’s explosive business success in such a short period of time.

Vicki has also been featured in Millionaire Blueprint Magazine, Essence Magazine, CNN News, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Lifetime TV, Bloomberg Radio, Essence.com, Investor’s Business Daily and on the TV show “Leading Experts” Vicki’s is the author of “The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint” “The Secret Diary of A Superwoman” and the “Brand Building Blueprint” all available on Amazon.

 Vicki expanded her brand and developed one of the fastest growing beauty lines called the SWL Collection. She partnered with recording artist Chante Moore as the celebrity face to design a line of cosmetics that women can wear from the boardroom, stage or just hanging out with the kids. Vicki’s cosmetics line is in high demand and on track to become another million dollar business. Vicki has also partnered with Bravo TV's Real Housewife of Potomac, Robyn Dixon on an exclusive collection.

Vicki Irvin is the creator, host and producer of Superwoman Lifestyle TV which highlights women on the move at conferences, seminars and events as well as red carpet correspondence for BET Honors and Bally’s Las Vegas. In addition, Superwoman Lifestyle is now a media site and blog bringing celebrity interviews, news, fashion, beauty, business and highlighting women nationally.

In addition to her own annual live events, Vicki is frequently interviewed as a guest speaker on numerous radio shows, TV shows and travels the country to speak on panels and at seminars and retreats.
High Ticket Sales Conversion Specialist
From Bankruptcy to Hitting 7 Figures! 

Rebekah quickly learned that being popular like all the other ladies she saw on social media was just a facade. Some of those popular people were coming to Rebekah confessing that popularity was not paying the bills. Profitability over popularity any day became her mantra.

Rebekah Duron launched her first business at age 20. Just three years later, it reached $3 million in revenue. She cold-called big industry players and went after the largest contracts she could. Her determination paid off.
In 2009, Rebekah launched a brick-and-mortar business that struggled to be profitable. 

Then the recession happened. Rebekah made the heartbreaking decision to shut down her first business that she had worked 10 years to build.

“I had to do something about my brick-and-mortar business, because it was about to shut down as well. I needed a way to feed my family—or I was going to have to find a day job,” Rebekah remembers.

During this high-pressure time, Rebekah saw that sales and marketing systems were her path to success, and she devoted herself to mastering them along with the help of Vicki Irvin as her mentor.

When she put these systems to work in her brick-and-mortar business, success was almost immediate. Her revenue jumped from $100,000 to $350,000—then to nearly $600,000 and now over $1,000,000!

And she did it with no books, no media appearances and no big following, name recognition or popularity !

Rebekah Duron’s business was flourishing, but she wanted more. Rather than just personally benefiting from her discoveries, she wanted to share them with others.

Her vision was to teach people to use the same conversion systems that rescued her business from bankruptcy and made it a spectacular success. Rebekah tackled this venture with her signature drive. Clients flocked to learn her secrets.

As you’re reading this, Rebekah may be training a stay-at-home mom…brainstorming with a 9 to 5 rat-racer…or structuring conversion systems with a big-thinking business owner.

After learning from Rebekah, clients find themselves suddenly able to build a flexible income source from scratch. She helps people develop high-ticket consulting services, then build a custom conversion process that allows them to sign up consulting contracts worth $3,000… $5,000… or even $10,000 or more.

Amazingly, Rebekah says no experience is needed. “Anybody can do it with absolutely zero skill level in the whole entrepreneurial world,” she declares. She has seen people build a profitable consulting business in as little as 30 days. With her proven systems, a six-figure income may be just 12 months away.

Rebekah says opportunity is everywhere—and success is within reach for anyone with a
success mindset.

“I believe that any success in business starts with your mindset first and what you believe is possible for yourself,” says Rebekah.

Rebekah has built multiple businesses including her consulting business, that focuses on helping businesses increase their conversion rate. If you don't know how to convert prospects into high paying clients, then you'll never be able to grow your business to your desired goal

With her no B.S. approach, she has crafted a system that has businesses doubling their profits in just 30 days.
Check Out What Stedman Graham Says About Vicki! 
(Yes, Oprah's Stedman)
Stedman Speaking on Vicki's EWE Stage!
"Vicki is a wonderful leader and powerful coach for women who is transforming lives. Vicki Irvin is one bad sister!

I have great admiration and appreciation for women in the business world who have not allowed their life dreams, goals and potential to be de­nied by their gender.  I look forward to working with Vicki again and again."

Stedman Graham
CEO, S. Graham & Associates
The Extreme Women Entrepreneurs VIP Networking Party! 
Hosted by Real Housewife of Potomac, Robyn Dixon
We all need a chance to get loose and let our hair down and we
provide the venue just for that!
Thought Vicki was strictly business huh? Nothing could be further from the truth! The Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Networking Party has a reputation of it’s own! Each year Vicki treats her ladies to an evening of PURE FUN! We dress up, mingle, dance and network on Saturday evening! 

Robyn Dixon of Real Housewives of Potomac will be hosting this year! *Robyn is often called by Bravo last minute to film on weekends, so her attendance will be based on availability. Keep you fingers crossed!

Past celebrities who have attended or hosted Vicki’s networking party have included Oprah’s partner, Stedman Graham, singer Chante Moore performed, Com Mirza (worth half a billion dollars) and TV star and entrepreneur Jennifer Williams! You never know who you will see at Vicki’s functions!
What You Can Expect From Our Networking Party
  • Our Saturday night party has become famous for being a GREAT time and a way to relax, get to know people better and make life-changing connections.
  • We do more than network, we REALLY party and have a good time complete with a live DJ!
  • I want you to come dressed in your hottest outfit! Be prepared to eat, hear great music, dance and enjoy a cocktail! After all… Living the Superwoman Lifestyle is ALL about Business, Beauty AND Balance!
  • Connection is definitely KEY! Being able to relax and meet other powerful women and people in a fun environment can change the whole course of your business. We all know that big deals are made on the golf course, but they are also made at Vicki’s signature networking party each year!
You don’t want to miss it!
Vicki, I'm Ready To Invest In MYSELF 
I KNOW With your Help I Can Get A Whole LOT MORE Than Just ONE New Client
How Much Will It Cost Me To Attend?
If you want an HONEST answer to “How much?” The answer is practically nothing. The FACT is that the value of this event can’t be paid for. As I said previously some attendees will take this information and LITERALLY launch into the 6 and 7 figure stratosphere. It’s THAT powerful and it's already happened, make sure you check out our WALL OF PROOF so you know it's real! 
It would be literally impossible for me to charge you a fair amount that would match your return on your investment (ROI). Remember, these are HIGH TICKET sales you are learning, but as I said I am on a mission to get more women entrepreneurs to not only charge, but GET their true worth so I want to make it easy for you and remove barriers. 
Having the right offer can get your prospective clients to pay you $3,000-$15,000 or even more. I want you to INSTANTLY be well in the black as soon as you get that FIRST $3,000-$15,000 client. And for that reason, I am extending a limited EARLY Registration  NO BRAINER investment for FAST action takers who are SERIOUS about their business and not just dabbling around! 

I want you to know that I have spent well into the high six figures on my own education. I regularly attend seminars, events and mastermind meetings to continue learning how to better both myself and the women entrepreneurs who cross my path. Self-investment is THE KEY to my success, without investing in me, I would be still struggling.

And because I want to help other women entrepreneurs achieve their goals, build a better business and recognize all of the opportunity right in front of them, I am giving you three whole days of one of the most life changing experiences you will ever have full of pure content, top notch training and presenters, over-delivering and a host of other surprises to come. But we are removing all excuses and barriers as to why you can't be there.

We are Offering a Fast Action Early Registration rate!… but Only For a LIMITED Time! Early Registration Gives You 50% OFF But... ends on July 18th!

ULTIMATE VIP- Early Registration is $997 & Includes the option to Bring a Friend for FREE plus more!

VIP -  Early Registration is $397 & Includes the option to Bring a Friend for FREE plus more!

GENERAL-  Early Registration is $297


Once Early Registration Expires We Revert to our Regular Rates for the Last 7 Years...
 $1,997 for Ultimate VIP $697 for VIP and $497 for General... Still WAY more than worth it based on our event’s extreme value!

*WARNING: The EWE Event has SOLD OUT all 7 years and this year will be no different*

  • Access to All 3 Days of the Event Including Training
  • Enjoy all Speakers, Trainings & Discussions all 3 Days
  • *Bring a Friend for FREE* (Your Guest is allowed all benefits that you are entitled to as a VIP ticket holder) 
  • Complimentary ticket to Attend The Evening Networking Party & Reception (your guest as well)
  • Super Seat Opportunity To Come On Stage & Have Your TOP Biz Challenge Solved On the Spot by top coaches Vicki Irvin & Rebekah Duron
  • Enjoy all Speakers, Trainings & Discussions all 3 Days
  •  Special Invitation to join LIVE one day Mastermind with Private clients (15k-30K value)
  • *Bring a Friend for FREE* (Your Guest is allowed all benefits that you are entitled to as a VIP ticket holder) 
  • Complimentary ticket to Attend The Evening Networking Party & Reception (your guest as well)
  • Super Seat Opportunity To Come On Stage & Have Your TOP Biz Challenge Solved On the Spot by top coaches Vicki Irvin & Rebekah Duron
This Is It...
Many seats were reserved before this event even launched, we have repeat past attendees and clients who get first access every year. Not to mention the people from the waiting list last year who couldn't get in, but are coming now. Just the promise I’d share with them my BULLETPROOF “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” has created a frenzy and I couldn't be happier knowing it's just what everyone wanted!  I don’t know how long it’s been between the time we launched to the time that you are reading this now. What I do know is that seats are already gone and we have sold out every single year for the past 7 years. Don't miss your chance to join this powerful training where you will LEAVE accomplished and ready to go!
I really sincerely hope to get to sit with you for 3 days on July 20-22nd ​and I have the honor of taking you step-by-step through the REAL-TIME creation of your very own BULLETPROOF “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer”.
Vicki Irvin
P.S. Just in case you like to skim instead of reading every last word. Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell...
I’m hosting a 3 day VIP event July 20-22nd.  At this event I will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own BULLETPROOF “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer” You will leave the event with...
  • A KILLER “High-Ticket, High-Value” OFFER that’s guaranteed to put you in position to immediately start charging $3,000-$15,0000 per client....
  • The DEEPEST understanding of your prospective clients and what they REALLY want and what you’re probably doing that REALLY shuts them down. (It’s almost guaranteed that right now as you read this you have these to BACKWARDS)
  • An exact step-by-step High-Ticket, High-Value Offer IMPLEMENTATION BLUEPRINT for getting your prospective clients’ ATTENTION ==> TRUST ==> RESPECT & APPRECIATION ==> MONEY all in less time with less effort than you’ve ever spent trying to “sell” or “convince” anyone of anything.
What's important about my “High-Ticket, High-Value Offer System” is it doesn’t require you have any experience, sales skill nor special talents. It doesn’t require typical salesy pressure tactics. It’s completely different than ANYTHING you’ve ever seen when it comes to securing high dollar clients.
Ticket Prices Increase In...
Ticket Prices Increase In...
Event & Hotel Venue

Event Dates: Friday-Sunday, July 20th-22nd 2018
Location: Crystal City Marriott, Reagan National Airport
1999 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202

EVENT Days are 9-5 Each Day! Arrive on time and be prepared to get started!
Accomodations & How To Book Your Room
Experience The Convenience Of The Crystal City Marriott Hotel

Enjoy style and substance at Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport. Our hotel is conveniently located in Arlington, VA – near the attractions of downtown Washington, as well as shopping at Pentagon City. We’re also a short walk from the Crystal City Metro station. Our well-appointed rooms and suites are ready to meet the needs of today’s travelers, with wired and wireless Internet, Marriott’s Plug-In technology panels, and evening turndown service. Soundproof windows and deluxe bedding in every hotel room ensure a peaceful night’s sleep here in Arlington. Last but not least, our knowledgeable and intuitive staff is on hand to assist you with anything you might need during your Arlington, VA visit. Book your stay at the Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport, and enjoy an innovative blend of work and play.


You Can Still Call And Get GREAT Room Rates

Call to Make Your Hotel Reservation at 1-800-228-9290 
    Closest Airport
    Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC is closest to the hotel venue, only a few minutes away! Hotel shuttle available from airport to hotel!
    • Access to All 3 Days of the Event Including Training
    • Enjoy all Speakers, Trainings & Discussions all 3 Days
    • *Bring a Friend for FREE* (Your Guest is allowed all benefits that you are entitled to as a VIP ticket holder) 
    • Complimentary ticket to Attend The Evening Networking Party & Reception (your guest as well)
    • Super Seat Opportunity To Come On Stage & Have Your TOP Biz Challenge Solved On the Spot by top coaches Vicki Irvin & Rebekah Duron
    • Enjoy all Speakers, Trainings & Discussions all 3 Days
    •   Special Invitation to join LIVE one day Mastermind with Private clients (15k-30K value)
    • *Bring a Friend for FREE* (Your Guest is allowed all benefits that you are entitled to as a VIP ticket holder) 
    • Complimentary ticket to Attend The Evening Networking Party & Reception (your guest as well)
    • Super Seat Opportunity To Come On Stage & Have Your TOP Biz Challenge Solved On the Spot by top coaches Vicki Irvin & Rebekah Duron
    My EXTREME Guarantee
    In case you're wondering about that money back guarantee I'm famous for...I am so confident this is the event and learning environment you have been searching for that I have no problem offering my money back EXTREME guarantee!

    If after attending the first day of the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event you do not feel I have delivered on what I have promised, simply turn in your materials and I will write your 100% refund check on the spot! 

    I have done WELL over 150 Live Events and not one time has anyone ever taken me up on my guarantee, I believe in what I do and I deliver! You and I both know the chances of you being disappointed are slim to none. But I still offer it as insurance so that you can be totally comfortable with a risk-free decision that makes it EASY to say yes!

    *Refunds happily granted if requested 30 days prior to July 20th, 2018 (by June 20th). Should you need to cancel after the refund period, funds may be applied to future events, select products or services subject to approval.

    Got questions about the event or need some help? Our staff is on standby to help you, simply send an email to: info@vickiirvin.com and we will assist!
    Ticket Prices Increase In...
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